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Exam Room

Avg. Price of Exam Room equipment:$2,926

Exam Room Devices registered with the FDA:127

Exam room equipment and supplies are an ongoing expense at just about every doctor’s office, hospital and medical clinic, and they can run the gamut from the simple and inexpensive, like disposable exam gowns, to the complex and expensive, like exam room tables and lighting systems. There are literally hundreds of different products and supplies that might be found in a typical examination room, including items like instrument trays and stands, spill kits, syringes and skin prep supplies. It can be difficult or nearly impossible to know the right price to pay for exam room equipment and supplies, especially for those items that you only order from time to time. At our website, you can quickly research the average cost for a wide variety of examination room equipment so that you”ll have a ballpark price in mind to shoot for when you are looking to buy.

In addition to the traditional exam room supplies, there is also a range of high tech equipment that you might need, from X-ray machines to pressure monitors. Even though you might only buy that type of equipment every few years, the cost can be significant so you want to make sure you are getting a fair price. You can help yourself to find the best deal by researching the average cost of exam room equipment before you buy.