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Avg. Price of Arthroscopy equipment:$2,094

Arthroscopy Devices registered with the FDA:33

While most people in the general public only hear about arthroscopic surgery when it applies to a pro athlete undergoing a procedure to repair an injured knee or other joint, the reality is that this minimally invasive surgery has helped millions of non-athletes enjoy a better life. Using a type of endoscope known as an arthroscope, a surgeon can repair a variety of maladies related to the joint, including torn cartilage, ACL damage, ligaments and menisci. While arthroscopic surgery is often used for injuries of the knee, it can also be utilized for just about any other joint issue in the human body, including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip and foot.

Today”s arthroscopic surgery equipment is light years ahead of what was available just a few decades ago, and with new devices constantly being introduced it can be hard to keep tabs on the current prices, especially for used and refurbished arthroscopy equipment. If you need some help finding the average cost of any device or piece of arthroscopic equipment, we have the information you need all in one place. Our database can easily be sorted by manufacturer or application so that you can zone in on the exact model you need and find a fair price to pay.