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Avg. Price of Laboratory equipment:$6,252

Laboratory Devices registered with the FDA:244

Medical and clinical laboratories are extraordinarily vital to the health care system as the results from tests run in the anatomic and clinical pathology labs help direct medical professionals to the proper course of treatment for millions of patients, from routine checkups at the doctor”s office to life-saving tests in the emergency room. The list of possible medical equipment laboratory equipment is almost as varied as the tests that a typical lab will run, from microbiology to hematology to toxicology to genetic/DNA testing. Some of the typical medical laboratory equipment might include centrifuges, chemical analyzers and microscopes to name just a few, and the medical professionals working in a lab can include pathologists, biochemists, phlebotomists, and medical laboratory technicians and assistants.

With all that going on in a medical lab, it can be hard for medical professionals to get a handle on the right price to pay for laboratory equipment, especially refurbished or used lab equipment. But with the tools available on our website you can quickly see the most current and accurate average prices for all kinds of medical lab equipment, devices and supplies. You can even sort them by manufacturer and application, so that you can see just the information you need.