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Avg. Price of Dental equipment:$5,393

Dental Devices registered with the FDA:34

From X-ray units to exam chairs to cabinetry to sterilizers, a dentist”s office is loaded with a wide variety of dental equipment. And the price of dental equipment can range from just a few dollars for common dental supplies to tens of thousands of dollars for X-ray systems and surgical suites. The challenge for many dentists and dental professionals is finding the time and resources to collect accurate pricing information when you are in the market to buy new or refurbished equipment. It”s easy to believe that you are getting the best deal when you are working with your preferred equipment supplier, but it”s impossible to know without also having access to the average cost of similar dental equipment from other suppliers.

After just a few minutes of research on our website, you can have that information at your fingertips so that you can be confident in knowing the average price for nearly any kind of new or used dental equipment or device. Having that information will help you know the approximate market value so that you can negotiate and get it at the lowest possible cost for your business. You can easily search our database using a variety of factors, including sorting by manufacturer and application, and then the results will be displayed along with the number of sources, condition and location of the equipment.