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Avg. Price of Cosmetic equipment:$16,629

Cosmetic Devices registered with the FDA:80

Cosmetic surgery has become one of the biggest growth areas in the medical industry, as more and more people are taking advantage of the advances in cosmetic procedure equipment, which can often achieve the desired results with far less discomfort and downtime compared to previous systems. From liposuction to laser skin resurfacing to breast augmentation, the cosmetic procedure business has never been stronger and there is greater demand than ever for quality new and used cosmetic equipment. That means the market is undergoing constant change, and the average cost of new and used or refurbished cosmetic procedure equipment can be hard to pinpoint. That”s why we give you the tools to do just that in a few simple steps.

Whether you are looking to buy a cosmetic laser system or any other type of cosmetic equipment, it helps to have the most accurate pricing information in front of you before you make a purchase. We allow you to almost instantly see the average cost of nearly any type of cosmetic equipment or device, so you”ll know upfront whether a price you have been quoted is a fair deal or not. Our database also gives you the ability to see the average cost based on manufacturer or type of machine so that you can zero in on the specific model you need.