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Avg. Price of OLYMPUS equipment:$4,469

OLYMPUS Devices registered with the FDA:355

The Olympus Corporation is closing in on its 100th birthday, and over the past century the company has become famous for cameras, optics and medical equipment, especially endoscopes. The company actually got its start as a manufacturer of thermometers and microscopes before getting into the camera industry in the 1930s. Of course the Olympus product line has expanded tremendously since then, and the company now produces everything from face cream to plastics and more. In the medical industry, Olympus has become the dominant brand name for endoscope imaging equipment, and in fact Olympus enjoys an overwhelming market share with gastroenterology endoscopes and that has crossed over to include used Olympus medical equipment for medical professionals looking to save money on the high cost of new equipment.

In addition to being the worldwide leader in endoscopes, Olympus offers a wide range of other quality medical equipment, from ultrasound machines to video and imaging systems to electronic medical records systems. The company has a U.S. headquarters in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, as well as locations around the world with nearly 40,000 global employees. And because the use refurbished Olympus endoscopic imaging machines is so prevalent, it's easy to find used Olympus medical equipment parts and service providers.

Even though Olympus might be best known for cameras, the company has a long and successful history of manufacturing medical equipment. Olympus developed and produced a revolutionary fiberoptic endoscope in the 1960s and since then has been at the forefront of endoscope technology. No company dedicates more time, money and resources to endoscope research and development, and that's why Olympus currently enjoys an incredible dominance with a 70% market share in that area. Of course all that advanced technology comes at a price, so if the cost of new Olympus medical equipment is out of your reach then it makes sense to consider the cost savings of buying refurbished Olympus medical equipment from a reputable provider. To learn more about the complete line of Olympus endoscopic devices and other medical devices, visit the official Olympus website at www.olympusamerica.com/msg_section/.