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Clinical Lab

Avg. Price of Clinical Lab equipment:$4,337

Clinical Lab Devices registered with the FDA:158

One of the most important departments of any hospital or medical facility is the clinical lab, where a wide range of tests are conducted to diagnose and assist doctors in coming up with the proper treatment. While the medical lab is generally out of the public eye, the work of the pathologists, biochemists and phlebotomists are essential to their well-being. The proper clinical lab equipment is also essential for a wide range of tests, from hematology to microbiology to toxicology to urinalysis. The range of clinical lab equipment can include everything from centrifuges to microscopes to a long list of automated medical lab analyzers. If you are in the market to purchase new or used clinical lab equipment, we can help by providing average cost information for all types of medical devices from virtually every manufacturer.

Medical lab equipment is fairly specialized so you often find that a medical equipment seller might just have a handful of models in their inventory, which makes it difficult for you to compare prices and determine if you are getting a fair value for your money. With the tools available on our website, you can find the average price of new and used clinical lab equipment from a variety of sources all over the country so that you can be confident in understanding the market value of any particular model.