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Physical Therapy

Avg. Price of Physical Therapy equipment:$3,114

Physical Therapy Devices registered with the FDA:60

The field of physical therapy has seen significant growth in recent years, especially as the population of the United States, in particular the baby boomer generation, continues to age. Of course physical therapy includes much more than geriatric care and can also comprise orthopedic, pediatric, sports-related injuries, women”s health and neurological issues. Physical therapists use a variety of equipment to help their patients, and the field has made some incredible advances in recent decades. It really wasn”t until the 1970s when the specialized fields of physical therapy became fully defined, and now PT is used to help virtually every demographic of patient recover from injury or disease. If you are in search of the lowest prices on PT equipment and devices, we have the tools available to help you easily research the average cost so that you can determine a fair price to pay.

Whether you need PT exercise equipment, monitoring systems or any other device related to physical therapy, we are ready to help provide you with the most accurate and current information based on the current market value of equipment. We make it simple to find the average cost of new or used physical therapy equipment, and you can also view how many sources are included to arrive at that price and where those sources are located.