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Avg. Price of Imaging equipment:$28,920

Imaging Devices registered with the FDA:100

Medical imaging is a broad field that can include everything from ultrasound to CT imaging to MRI to nuclear medicine. Major advances are constantly being made in the field, which means that new models are always coming to market and the average price of used and refurbished imaging equipment can fluctuate at any time. So if you had an idea of the average price of a particular refurbished ultrasound machine six months ago, that price might be higher or lower today. If you use the free tools available on our website, you can easily find and track the average cost of nearly any type of medical imaging system from a wide variety of manufacturers and covering a wide range of applications.

The cost of a medical imaging system can easily hit tens of thousands of dollars or even more, so you do not want to make the mistake of paying too much. Of course there is no Blue Book value for medical imaging systems, so you have to do the research to find the current price of a system you are interested in. By inputting some simple information on our website, we can show you a fair price to pay based on the manufacturer and model you are looking to buy.