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Avg. Price of Toshiba equipment:$55,010

Toshiba Devices registered with the FDA:82

The Toshiba Corporation might be best known as a leading manufacturer of computers and semiconductors, and indeed the company enjoys a strong reputation and market share in those areas, but Toshiba is also a leading producer of medical equipment from ultrasound systems to X-ray machines to CT and MRI machines. Even though the Toshiba brand was technically formed in 1939 with merger of two companies, the history of Toshiba goes back much farther to the 1870s as a provider of telegraph equipment. Over the decades Toshiba has grown to become one of the largest companies in the world with well over 200,000 employees around the globe. One of the company's most successful divisions is Toshiba Medical Systems, and Toshiba medical equipment is in wide use around the world.

Since the early days of the company, Toshiba has brought new technology to market to help advance medical treatment. In the 1930s, Toshiba produced one of the world's first X-ray machines and then in the 1980s the company pioneered many of the technologies used in MRI systems, plus Toshiba also showed the way when it came to DVD technology. Innovation and technology go hand-in-hand at Toshiba, and that has made Toshiba medical equipment very popular with doctors and medical professionals all over the world.

The Toshiba line of medical equipment includes the Aplio, Viamo and Artida families of ultrasound equipment, as well as a complete line of systems for X-rays, cardiovascular X-rays, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance. No matter what kind of Toshiba medical device you need, it's a good bet that you can save significant money by purchasing used Toshiba medical equipment. The savings can often amount to as much as 60% or more off the new retail cost, and there is virtually no difference in performance between a new system and a quality refurbished Toshiba medical machine that has been professionally tested and inspected. For more information about Toshiba Medical Systems and the company's medical equipment product line, visit www.medical.toshiba.com.