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Avg. Price of AMSCO equipment:$4,100

AMSCO Devices registered with the FDA:29

The Amsco line of medical equipment, which is manufactured by Steris Healthcare, provides a full selection of products from surgical devices to endoscopy to sterilization systems. The Steris Corporation, which is headquartered in Ohio and has offices all over the world, manufacturers a wide range of products, from healthcare to life sciences to defense and aerospace. The Steris Healthcare division makes the popular Amsco surgical warming cabinets, scrub stations, surgical booms, surgical tables and lights. If you have researched the price of new Amsco medical equipment, you know that it can be expensive, and that's exactly why so many medical professionals choose to buy used Amsco medical equipment instead. When you buy used Steris medical equipment you can save as much as 60% off the new retail cost without giving up anything in terms of quality or performance.

In addition to providing a complete line of medical equipment for surgical applications, Amsco also provides infection prevention systems, sterile processing equipment and GI/endoscopy solutions. Asmco and Steris medical equipment is used the world over in thousands of hospitals and medical clinics, and in many cases it is pre-owned Amsco medical equipment being used. As budgets have been tightened and every business is looking for a way to cut costs, more and more industry professionals are turning to refurbished medical equipment as the answer. When you buy used Amsco medical devices from a reputable company you can be confident that you are getting equipment that meets or exceeds the original manufacturer's specifications, but at just a fraction of the price.

Steris was originally founded as Innovative Medical Technologies and then adopted its current name in 1987, but the roots of the company actually go all the way back to 1894 as the American Sterilizer Company. Over the next century the company helped the medical profession make great strides when it comes to sterilization and safety, and they continue with that goal to this day. Visit www.steris.com/healthcare for more information about Amsco medical devices and equipment.