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Return Policy

The following return policy applies to all Medicalpriceonline.com customers unless superseded by a written agreement outlining specific return goods terms and conditions.

Obtaining Authorization of Goods

All product returns are to be handled directly with the Manufacturer or Seller. Medicalpriceonline.com does not process or issue refunds for any returned items. To receive an Authorization of Goods for return, please contact the Manufacturer or Seller.

If an unauthorized return is returned to Medicalpriceonline.com, the item may be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. The item may also be disposed of by Medicalpriceonline.com at the store’s discretion, or subject to additional charges to the customers without a credit being issued.

Return Policy Details

Returns for defective and non-defective products are handled directly with the manufacturer or seller. Please contact the equipment manufacturer directly to learn more about returning items purchased on Medicalpriceonline.com. In general, equipment returns must be authorized by the manufacturer or seller prior to shipment, and non-defective equipment must be in salable condition and suitable for restocking. There is also typically a time limit for returns to be accepted.

Damages or Shortages

Customers are required to verify all receipts before receiving and accepting a shipment from Medicalpriceonline.com. This must be done to minimize any delay in resolving a damage or shortage claim. If any damages or shortage are found, they must be noted on the carrier’s freight bill or bill of lading and be countersigned by the customer. Any damaged items must be left in the original carton in case an event inspection is required by the transportation provider. If there are any damages in transit or shortages of product, the customer must notify the Manufacturer or Seller within two (2) business days of receipt. If this notification is not received within this time frame, the Manufacturer or Seller will not be obligated to process credit for the item or arrange for a replacement. Contact the Manufacturer or Seller directly to report damaged shipments or shortages.

Items Shipped in Error

Any items that are mistakenly shipped in error by the Manufacturer or Seller are available for return for full credit, so long as the returns are made within thirty (30) days of receipt. Should a shipping error or disputes arise, the customer must notify the Manufacturer or Seller within two (2) business days of receipt.

Defective Items

Defective products, returns, and damaged products that have been properly noted to be the result of the Manufacturer or Sellers error are available for return at the store’s expense for a full credit, provided they meet the other provisions of this policy.

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