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Avg. Price of PENTAX equipment:$3,637

PENTAX Devices registered with the FDA:111

Just like Olympus, the Pentax name is better known for cameras and optics, but the company is also a highly respected manufacturer of medical equipment. The Pentax company was founded in 1919 and originally manufactured optical lenses and binoculars (which is still does) and later the Pentax name became synonymous with quality cameras and equipment. Then in 2006, Pentax merged with the Hoya Corporation and started to focus even more on medical equipment. Now the Pentax Medical Company is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of a wide range of medical equipment, from ultrasound transducers to endoscopes to HD medical imaging equipment. Just like with cameras, Pentax medical equipment has developed a strong reputation for quality and reliability, and that has enhanced the demand for used Pentax medical equipment, especially considering the cost savings compared to buying new equipment.

Pentax manufacturers a complete selection of upper and lower GI scopes, including gastroscopes, duodenoscopes, colonoscopes and sigmoidoscopes, as well as endoscopic ultrasound equipment. Pentax also supplies the medical industry with a range of specialty scopes, such as those for surgery and urology. If you are looking to save money on the high cost of medical equipment, then it's a good idea to consider buying refurbished Pentax medical equipment. The savings can often amount to up to 60% or more off the new retail price.

The Pentax Medical Company, which is one of the many divisions of Pentax of America Inc., is based in New Jersey and the company also has offices around the world. The company has earned a larger market share in recent years as it provides a strong combination of performance, technology, reliability and affordability, which is only enhanced further when you buy pre-owned Pentax medical devices. You can find more information about the company and the complete line of Pentax medical equipment at www.pentaxmedical.com