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Avg. Price of Medtronic equipment:$3,057

Medtronic Devices registered with the FDA:27

Based in Minneapolis, Medtronic is a worldwide company with a presence in more than 100 countries, including an incredible 50 research and development locations. With more than 40,000 employees and annual revenue of approximately $15 billion, Medtronic is one of the leading medical technology and equipment companies in the world. The company's operations are split among several segments of the medical industry, including cardiac rhythm disease management, cardiovascular, diabetes, neuromodulation, cardiovascular, surgical, obesity, chronic pain and more. Few other companies offer such a wide range of products and technologies, and that has made Medtronic medical equipment a popular choice among medical professionals in a diverse range of fields.

The roots of Medtronic go back to 1949 when the company was founded in a Minnesota garage. The business originally focused on medical equipment repair and service and later began manufacturing their own line of medical equipment and devices. Over the decades the company has helped save and improve countless lives around the world, and Medtronic medical equipment treats more than 30 different chronic diseases. Through the Medtronic CareLink Network, nearly 250,000 patients receive remote treatments thanks to the extensive line of Medtronic medical devices. Because of the company's strong emphasis on quality, there has always been demand for used Medtronic medical equipment because of the big costs savings offered compared to buying new Medtronic equipment. That also means if you buy a refurbished Medtronic machine and then decide to sell it in the future that you'll still be able to recoup a large portion of your original investment.

The Medtronic headquarters are still based in Minneapolis, and the company also has offices in Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and many other countries. Visit the company's official website at www.medtronic.com for more information about the extensive selection of Medtronic medical equipment available to doctors and medical professionals.