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Avg. Price of Tuttnauer equipment:$5,258

Tuttnauer Devices registered with the FDA:43

Tuttnauer has a nearly 90-year history of producing quality medical equipment for hospitals, doctors and medical clinics and their products are being used in more than 100 countries around the world. The product selection of Tuttnauer medical equipment includes sterilizers, washers, disinfectors and autoclaves for both hospital and dental use. Tuttnauer is perhaps best known for their line of hospital equipment, which includes the T-Max line of autoclaves. The company also produces a line of medical waste autoclaves. For dental offices, Tuttnauer manufactures a full line of dental autoclaves with the Elara line of pre and post vacuum autoclaves, plus washing disinfectors, sealing machines, ultrasonic cleaners and water distillers. If you are looking for laboratory and research equipment, Tuttnauer makes vertical, benchtop and large laboratory autoclaves, as well as animal care and bioharzard autoclaves, plus you can also find Tuttnauer autoclaves for pharmaceutical applications.

Tuttnauer has a strong commitment to quality assurance and safety, and for that reason many medical professionals prefer to buy used Tuttnauer medical and dental equipment instead of new. The savings can often amount to as much as 60% off the new retail cost, and when you buy quality refurbished Tuttnauer medical equipment from a reputable company you will not even be able to tell the difference between used and new, except for the price. And you can be confident in the easy availability of Tuttnauer parts and service because of their widespread use.

The global headquarters for Tuttnauer are located in the Netherlands, and they also have major offices in New York and India, plus other locations around the globe. Whether you need Tuttnauer medical equipment for hospital use, a dental office, a research laboratory or pharmacy, you can get significant savings by purchasing refurbished Tuttnauer equipment. To learn more about the company and their complete line of medical, dental and lab equipment, visit www.tuttnauer.com.