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Avg. Price of DATASCOPE equipment:$1,970

DATASCOPE Devices registered with the FDA:30

The Datascope name can be associated with two major medical equipment manufacturers, Mindray and Maquet. Back in 2008, Mindray acquired Datascope's patient monitoring business for just over $200 million and that deal helped Mindray secure the Datascope brand name through at least 2015. Additionally, Maquet, a German medical equipment company, acquired the Datascope Corporation and now uses the Datascope name on some of its medical equipment. So although the Datascope company no longer exists, its products and name will continue to live on, and there is sure to be ample demand and supply of used Datascope medical equipment for years to come.

Mindray's acquisition of a portion of Datascope's business helped the company expand its reach around the world and the combination of Datascope and Mindray products includes a long list of medical equipment, from patient monitoring to medical imaging systems to veterinary equipment. In only about 20 years, the Mindray name has risen dramatically in the medical equipment industry and Mindray North America has seen rapid expansion in recent years.

While Mindray is still a rather young company, Maquet has been around for nearly 200 years since being founded in 1838 as a company to produce medical chairs and other medical equipment. Obviously great strides have been achieved since those early days of the company, and now the list of Maquet medical equipment includes everything from cardiac surgery equipment to operating tables to surgical assist systems and more. The acquisition of Datascope was just one of many expansions of Maquet in recent years, as the company also acquired Siemens Life Support Systems, Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd. and Oty GmbH to name just a few. With more than 5,000 employees and growing, Maquet is a medical equipment company on the upswing. To find more information about Datascope medical devices and equipment, visit www.mindray.com or www.maquet.com.