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$2,414 Avg. Price of KARL STORZ equipment

641 - # of KARL STORZ Devices registered with the FDA


Karl Storz has been the first name in endoscopy for more than 60 years since being founded in 1945 by its namesake. While endoscopic technology was still in its early stages back then and some of the company's early products might look primitive now, Storz helped advanced the field and bring many new technologies and methods to the marketplace. The original Karl Storz endoscopic equipment focused on ear, nose and throat applications, but now the range of Karl Storz medical equipment covers neuro-endoscopy, oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, cardiovascular, anesthesia, GI, gynecology, urology, arthroscopic surgery and much more. If it involves endoscopy, it's a safe bet that Karl Storz makes the right product at the right price.

From just a few products in the company's early days, Karl Storz now makes an incredible 8,000 different endoscopic devices, including a complete line of veterinary equipment. The company has also earned high marks from medical professionals around the world for quality and reliability, and that has made used Karl Storz medical equipment very popular. You can be confident that refurbished Karl Storz medical equipment will operate just as the manufacturer intended, and that it will hold its value in the...

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